Multiple Intelligences Cubed is a dynamic research and human resource development team that specializes in Multiple Intelligences and Motivation analysis. We can teach you how to use your intelligences and motivate yourself.


"MI Theory shows us that all people contribute to society through their own strengths!" -Walter McKenzie

Multiple Intelligences Cubed is a dynamic research and human resource development team who specialize in Multiple Intelligences analysis, utilization and motivation. Our group includes educators, presidential committee members, authors, statisticians, and fellowship winners.

We are able to assess and analyze business and educational settings providing realistic recommendations and applications.

MI is excited to provide powerful predictive modeling with Voyant Analytics

Our researchers have developed the MITalent Key instrument to identify your dominant Multiple Intelligences and keys to how you are motivated. The Talent Key was developed during a 4 year post doctoral study of Multiple Intelligence Theory by Dr. Kim Wiseman and is recognized as a cutting edge tool to identify how you think and communicate with others.

The Talent Key takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The results are immediately tabulated and an individual report is provided listing and graphing your strengths and secondary intelligences. An explanation of how your intelligences work in combination is also provided.

"It is amazing! A huge reason why our education is the way it is!" P.T. School owner" - J.T., School owner


In the Classroom: "MI's provide a platform for 'no child left behind' education, allowing us to vary our teaching methods."


"It's not just a way to teach, it's an awareness tool, ensuring we change and adapt to tap into all learners."


"It also helps to customize the learning experience ... Allowing you to know how to 'best' communicate with your learners."


"The same is true with employee communication. Knowing someone's MI ensures better communication. "